Sunday, June 22, 2008

the BIG lake

Lake Oroville in Northern California is huge. It has a surface area of 24 square miles and a shoreline of over 167 miles. It was created by damming the Feather River. This earthen dam is as about 800 feet high and over a mile across making it one of the largest dams in the world. Lake Oroville is part of the California water project which supplies water for agriculture to the Central Valley and also for the thirsty residents if arid Southern California.

I took these photos either at the lake or in the surrounding area which includes the town of Oroville, California.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

down by the sea

I took these photos near the quaint town of Port Orford along the Oregon coast. It's a town populated mostly by fishermen and artists. I can understand why artists migrate here because this town is set against one of the prettiest coastlines anywhere along the Pacific.

Enjoy the slide show with the poetry of Rod McKuen and the music of Anita Kerr. Just
click on the ipod.

what's the buzz?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

wickham stone park

Wickham Stone Park (circa 1969) is a collection of folk art, consisting of over 30 life-size concrete statues of political figures,Indian chiefs, politicians,patriots and religious figures. The park is the lifetime creation of Tennessee folk artist Enoch Tanner(E.T.) Wickham (1883-1970).

More information about the folk art of E.T. Wickham is available at Wickham Stone Park.

(Click on statue below for a description)

Buck Smith Road

E.T. on Bull
Bull Plaque
Dr. John Wickham
Austin Peay
Totem Pole
Kennedy & Co
Davis & Marsh
William Hudson
Oxen Team
Boone & Co
Father Ryan
Fatima & Sundial
Virgin Mary
Cemetery Angel
Andrew Jackson
WW II Memorial
Alvin York
John Wickham
E.T. Wickham
Fort Campbell Soldier
Fort Campbell Soldier

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

water sculptures

I recently took photos of these bronze sculptures in Reno, Nevada. These were created by sculptor John Battenberg and line a wall following the downtown Truckee river walk. They are quite impressive with water constantly flowing over them.