Saturday, December 03, 2011

21st century photography vol 3, the human project

I'm happy to once again be a part of this great series of photography books. Volume 3 is the Human Project.

"The Human Project"
by Mark Sean Orr & Contributors
A collaboration of 30 great photographers and poets make this book of family and the human interaction a must have for photography lovers around the world. Wonderful photographs of human nature, inspirational quotes and poetry! Contributors include: Ann Carter Hogrefe, Annie Fournier, AJ Schibig, Bob Batchelor, Bob Nichols, Chris Petty, Danka Dear, Dakota Sean Orr, Daliana Pacuraru, David Patterson, Debbie Meyer, Diana Graves, Eric Roth, Frederic de Munter, Giuseppe Gurrieri, Ian Kahler, Joanne Beebe, Kathy Lindsey, Ken Custer, Kim Weston, Maricet Delaney, Mark Sean Orr, Paul Ponticell, Prasad Pawaskar, Regina Williams, Renate Streminger, Richard Earl, Richard Miceli, Rich Orth, Shawn Clements, Stuart Harrison, W.E. Arnold.

You can preview the book here: 21st century photography vol3, the human project