Wednesday, January 27, 2010

21st Century Photography

Thanks Mark! I'm excited to be included in your new photography book!

A look inside the portfolios of 22 of todays awesome photographers. From film to digital hdr, black and white to beautiful saturated will fall in love with these images. The photographers whose work is featured in this book live in all parts of the world from the Americas to India, Australia, Switzerland and more! This book is hopefully the first in a series of books showing the great and fine art photography of this exciting new century.

Come meet the photographers of the 21st century..............

Enjoy the beautiful photos of: Joanne Beebe, Danka Dear, Amy Virginia Miller, Annie Fournier, AyJay Schibig, Elsa Marie Santoro, Prasad Pawaskar, Renate Streminger, Marion L. Brown, David Geneaux, Donna Kimball, Ian Kahler, Charles Phillips, Diana Graves, David Patterson, W.E. arnold, Regina Willaims, Debbie Meyer, Chris Petty, Julie Kirk, Kathy Lindsey, Mark Sean Orr and the poetry of Michael E. Riffel.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

ayjay photography's video ipod

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Flowers, folk art, surfers, hang gliders, pelicans, old cars are just some of the varied subjects of my 36 videos on YouTube. See these videos full size on AyJay Photography YouTube Channel