Thursday, November 29, 2007

google fixes the firewall

Eight year old Andrew writes this fanciful story

GOOGLE Fixes the Firewall

Chapter 1: A Byte to Eat

Google was a perfectly normal gigabyte. One day he was trying to break through a firewall. Then he was hungry so he went down to the supermarket to buy a bag of memory chips. He heard his Motherboard calling for help.

Google raced home as quickly as a command. There was a virus stealing every kilobyte of memory in the entire Exabyte!

So he snuck up on the virus.

Ever so silently, ever so stealthily he tiptoed up and carefully fell flat on his face. He saw ?????? before his eyes. And then he unknowingly took a big byte out of the Office Assistant.

With what was left of him he gathered all of his random access memory and got through the firewall. He waited.

He waited for a packet-or even his motherboard to rescue him. But he was safe from his enemies. Finally an anti-spyware packet came through. Google asked him for Help. But all he got was a ??????

Finding that he was no good as a translator he decided to say: ithinkyouneedanewfirewall. And for a good reason.

THE ADVERTISEMENTS WERE COMING LIKE BITS! Pretty soon 11-bit pictures were popping up everywhere.

It was true, unauthorized packets were coming through. And a human had gotten through that very corporate firewall and was playing Reversi on the internet.

Chapter 2: Repairing the Firewall

Never before had anyone broken through the firewall before, so they decided to fix the firewall together. Google and the anti-spyware packet.

Suddenly his friend Goooooooooooogle burst into the wall panting. He held three large objects. My toolkits! He said. How did you know I needed those! When I saw those advertisements I knew the firewall was damaged. He grinned.

Oh, and one other thing. What’s that? I got rid of that virus for good. With, of course, the smartest guy on the computer: the Office Assistant.

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