Thursday, November 29, 2007

vanishing trees

Vanishing Trees

Trees are priceless plants to behold,
It’s time for their virtues to be told

Their lofty flowers are a pleasing sight,
And their fruits are a squirrel’s delight.

Trees are ablaze with color in the fall,
Except for evergreens, so stately and tall.

To fierce winds they are a calming brace,
And their deep roots hold the soil in place.

Tree leaves catch hot sunlight, cast cool shade,
And from their wood, sturdy homes are made.

The trees clean and refresh the air with O2
While removing the greenhouse gas, CO2.

They provide wildlife with countless niches,
But human greed robs the forest of its riches.

We cut and burn the forests much too fast,
Soon we must find ways for the trees to last.

To reduce global warming and air pollution,
Conserving trees is just part of the solution.

For the world's trees to flourish and increase,
Human population growth has got to cease.

The fate of trees is tied to human destiny.
If all the forests vanish, so too will we.

by Joe Schibig

This young toddler and chestnut tree may inherit a hotter, more polluted and forest-depleted world.

Solution -- have fewer children and instill in them an appreciation of Nature. Practice conservation, grow more trees, and do what you can to leave our children fresh air, clean water and healthy forests.

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