Thursday, November 29, 2007

the not so wild turkeys of lockhart gulch

Heather sends this photo/description of some pesky residents

This crew is frequently found roaming our neighborhood, and often in the middle of the street. The years of people accommodating them have given them a very arrogant complex. The family of 15 or so don't sense any urgency in the slightest with a car approaching and will flamboyantly settle down to rest in front of one. Honking your horn is apparently taken as a sign of aggression to the males. They stand up defiantly in front of your vehicle and flare their tails making menacing sounds. I've learned that they utterly snub you if you try to feed them. At least with food agreeable to chickens. I rolled down my window and cooed at a family, flinging some cracker crumbs out and expecting them to appreciatively gobble. The leader of the pack barely cast an eye toward the flung crumbs and truly did give me a dirty look before sauntering away disinterestedly. What do turkey's eat, anyway?? They're very amusing with their regal complex. We in the neighborhood have learned to simply drive around them and let them have the run of Lockhart Gulch (near Santa Cruz, California).

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